Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the recommended age for Baby Catcher Blankets?
All of our blankets are designed for babies 0-10 months. To help prevent falls, cease using the product when infant begins
to push up on hands and knees or has reached 30 lbs. (40 kg), whichever comes first.

Can I wash my Baby Catcher Blanket in a washing machine?
Absolutely! All of our blankets come with an easy-to-remove foam bumper. Simply unzip, remove bumper and toss it into the
washer, and dry on low heat.

Are Baby Catcher Blanket materials breathable?
Yes, all of our blankets are made from breathable fabrics.

Are Baby Catcher Blanket suitable for sleeping?
Baby Catcher Blanket is naturally safe for sleeping.

Are any flame retardants or other chemicals added to the Baby Catcher Blankets?
No, the blankets are completely natural, and so do not have flame retardants or other chemicals added to them.

How do I use the blanket?
Simply tuck the ends (flaps) into the couch for stabilization and use.

Can I place my baby on their stomach?
No we suggest to always face your baby up when using the blanket.